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List of private custom tour pages for PIB use, please add new links as they are created.

Audubon Society of Greater Denver  February 1-11, 2017

ABA trip with Liz Gordon/Nate Swick/Ted Floyd. September 12-24, 2017; March 17-27, 2018; April 4-14, 2018

Colombia Cauca Valley with Bill Murphy, October 2018

Northern India and Himalayan Foothills with Bill Murphy, February 21 to March 09, 2018

Custom shortened Ecuador tour for ASGD in 2017/18

Custom Cuba trip Oct 28-Nov 7, 2018

Custom AZ page for ASGD in 2017/18

Custom Kansas page for ASGD in 2019

Custom Cuba Essentials page for ASGD in 2020

Custom Brazil Pantanal page for ASGD in 2019

  Custom Hawaii for ASGD in 2020

Shiripuno Amazon Lodge Extension

Chile: Endemics & Specialties: 21 Day

Central Chile Extension

Essential West Africa Birding 

Madagascar Highlights

Newfoundland ASGD

Hawaii Intruduction

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