In late 2020 (starting in July), we have had an incredible response to our first dozen video conferences with our expert birding field guides from around the world. Our video conferences have covered New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Australia (Tasmania, North Queensland and more coming), India (Northeast India), Malaysia (Borneo), Bhutan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Ghana, Peru, Guatemala, Cuba (bird species focused) and Newfoundland (Canada). We have also done five key birding area in the USA, including Alaska, Hawaii, Texas, Cape May and Colorado.

We are now offering five more conferences over the next few months covering Colombia, Guatemala (Tikal and More), Florida and Northeast Brazil.

As we do these presentations, we have found participants enjoy casual birding conversation, and some formal presentation content (has been taking 20 to 30 minutes). Then towards the end, we open up for more questions to our expert bird guides works best.

Please join in, and feedback from trip participants is pretty enthusiastic.

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