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Ethiopia: Birding (and Wildlife-Watching)

in the Horn of Africa

Our Ethiopian bird and wildlife tours will offer participants a chance to see close to five hundred bird species. This includes close to thirty species endemic to the countries making up the Horn of Africa. Join us in Ethiopia to experience tens of thousands of flamingos, great chances to see several species of bustards, plus a number of stunning species from the barbet and turaco families.

More Details About this Trip:

While Ethiopia offers excellent bird watching, everyone will also be delighted with the variety of mammals we see there. A few of the highlights include Ethiopian Wolf, Hippopotamus, two species of baboons and several other primates, and a nice mix of ungulates endemic to the Horn of Africa.

Pricing: $6,290 US Dollars or £4,950 GBP for 19 Days and 18 Nights. 


Group Size: Most tours viable at 7 or 8 participants.


Upcoming Dates: 

January 9 to 27, 2025

*See Schedule for more dates

Ethiopian birders will visit a good assortment of habitats over nineteen days of birding, including the Sululta Plains, the Afar Plains, mountain valleys including the Jemma Valley, plus open country and mountain forests. The trip includes a chance to explore two of the key national parks for birding and wildlife watching: Awash National Park and Bale Mountain National Park. Birding will also be enhanced by birding the lakes, grasslands and forests around Lake Langano and Abiata Shalla National Park. We will visit other key birding sites including Negelle for the Prince Ruspoli’s Turaco, the Yabello area, the Debre Birhan area, the Aledeghi Wildlife Reserve and many more. This is a comprehensive birding and wildlife tour for Ethiopia.

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Top Reasons to Book Tour


Abyssinian Catbird, Abyssinian Woodpecker, Banded Barbet, Black-winged Lovebird, Blue-winged Goose, Harwood's Francolin, Prince Ruspoli's Turaco, Thick-billed Raven, Wattled Ibis, Yellow-fronted Parrot, Abyssinian Longclaw, Spot-breasted Lapwing, Rüppell's Chat, White-cheeked Turaco, Ethiopian Black-headed Oriole, White-rumped Babbler, White-billed Starling, White-backed Black-Tit, Erckel's Francolin, Ankober Serin, Yellow-throated Serin, Kori Bustard, Rosy-patched Bushshrike, Somali Ostrich, Arabian Bustard, Gillett's Lark, Moorland Francolin, White-collared Pigeon, Ethiopian Siskin, Abyssinian Owl, Liben Lark, Salvadori's Serin, Sombre Rock Chat, White-tailed Swallow, Stresemann's Bush-Crow.


Gelada Baboon, Ethiopian Wolf, Mountain Nyala, Somali Galago, Giant Root-Rat, Beisa Oryx, Soemmerring’s Gazelle, Guenther’s Dikdik, Guereza (or Eastern Black-and-white Colobus), Bat-eared Fox, Common Warthog, Gerenuk, Plains Zebra (Burchell's Zebra), Olive Baboon, Hamadryas (or Sacred) Baboon, Rock Hyrax.

montane forest, Afro-alpine moorland, Acacia savanna, Rift Valley lakes, semi-arid desert.

Habitats and

Special Sites

Other Attractions

Jemma Valley, Bale Mountains National Park, Awash National Park.

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