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Madagascar Comprehensive Birding and Wildlife: Mega Birding Endemics, Lemurs, Chameleons and More

Our African partner has run more than 50 tours over the past 10 years to the world’s fourth-largest island. These three-week tours are one of the very few Madagascar tours ever to crack the magical 200 species barrier.

More Details About this Trip:

Of the two hundred species regularly recorded on the island, no fewer than one hundred and forty are endemic or near-endemic. This includes five entire families of birds endemic to the island: the ground-rollers, cuckoo-roller, mesites, Madagascar warblers, and vangas

The wonder of Madagascar extends well beyond its avifauna. Virtually every plant and animal on the island is endemic. Sadly most are threatened by continued deforestation, making Madagascar one of those “must-visit-soon” destinations. Besides the birds, we experience up to 27 lemur species (including the world-famous dancing sifakas) and other mammals from civets to strange tenrecs.

Pricing: $6,790 USD or £5,350 GBP for 18 Days and 17 Nights.


Extensions are available.


Group Size: priced at 7 participants.


Upcoming Dates: 

July 18 to August 4, 2024

October 28 to November 15, 2024

*See Schedule for more dates

Top Reasons to Book Tour


Indri, Ring-tailed & Red-bellied Lemur, Black-and-white Ruffed Lemur, Diademed & Verreaux’s Sifaka, Madagascar Flying  Fox


Subdesert Mesite, Cuckoo Roller, Long-tailed, Pitta-like, Rufous-headed, Short-legged & Scaly Ground Roller, Red-breasted, Red-fronted, Running, Red-capped, Blue & Giant Coua, Velvet Asity, Nuthatch, Lafresnaye’s & Sickle-billed Vanga, Crossley’s Babbler, Banded Kestrel, Madagascar & France’s Sparrowhawk, Madagascar Sandgrouse, Madagascar Buttonquail, Madagascar Owl, Rainforest Scops Owl, Madagascar & Collared Nightjar, Madagascar (Crested) Ibis, Madagascar Wood Rail, Brown Emutail, White-throated Oxylabes, Archbold’s Newtonia, Thamnornis, Nelicourvi Weaver

Habitats and

Special Sites

rainforest, riparian forest, deciduous woodland, spiny desert, mudflats, wetlands

Other Attractions

Spiny Desert, Berenty, weird herps & insects, coral reefs, shopping, culture

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