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Who are we:

The Partnership for International Birding has developed partnerships with premier local bird guides around the world to offer our clients over one hundred birding opportunities. Most of our tours are scheduled small-group tours, covering the top birding routes across the globe. About 30% of our tours are tailor-made or customized to meet the needs of couples or small groups of birding friends.


We have found our clients prefer our birding tours, as we are able to provide excellent guiding and trip support services meeting their birding (and other nature) travel desires in several ways.


Premier Local Bird Guides: We partner with guides who are experts in bird-finding in their country or region. We assure they have good English-speaking skills and have the leadership skills to guide an effective group.


Small Groups: We run most of our tours with 6 to 8 participants. We have found small groups facilitate opportunities for all trip participants to see the bird.


Check Out our Great Pricing: Most of our clients find our pricing to be very competitive. We always try to find lodging of excellent value, and we avoid lodging of low quality. 

Our logistics and customer service is always highly praised. Our great pricing often comes from saving the cost of flying tour leaders around the world. Again, our premier local guides often are able to find more bird species in their local spots, and the guide’s travel expense is minimized.


Save an Acre for Bird Conservation: We volunteer over 10% of our efforts to support bird conservation. We have developed partnerships with some of the leading conservation organizations around the world, such as the Rainforest Trust and the World Land Trust. We have saved well over 100,000 acres from these efforts across the globe.


The Customer Service You Deserve: Our client are thrilled with our trip preparation and support service, and most comment our service is the best in the business. Each trip has well qualified trip preparation staff (who know birding and who know international travel), who are available to answer your questions by email or telephone. We provide you upfront information about the trip, including (1) trip reports and bird & wildlife checklists, (2) lodging details, (3) entry information, and (4) health and medical information. We are glad to provide any information from our Trip Participation Guides in advance. Feel free to ask about any detail of the trip, and we will gladly answer. 


For the birding tours you desire with the customer service you deserve, please contact us to learn more about the hundreds of birding tours we offer with premier local bird guides.


Our main customer services offices are in Colorado in the United States and in Suffolk in the United Kingdom. Our partners have offices around the world including Quito, Cuzco, Santiago, Cuiabá, Buenos Aires, Guatemala City, Panamá City, San José, Lisbon, Kota Kinabalu, Goa, Ho Chi Minh City, Phuket, Bay View,  Bruny Island, Banjul, Cape Coast, Kampala, Nairobi,  and more.

Our Staff:

Charles Thornton-Kolbe

Lelis Navarrete

Ana Paula Oxom

Charles Thornton-Kolbe:  Executive Partner  & Director of Customer Service and Marketing

Based in Colorado, USA


Lelis Navarrete: Chief of Operations & Director of Operations, Central and South America

Based in Pichincha, Ecuador


Jennifer De Souza:  Director of Operations, Asia & Oceania

Based in Goa, India


David Trently:  Manager of Operations, North America (USA and Canada)

Based in Pennsylvania, USA


Costumer Support


Ana Paula Oxom:  Costumer Service Team Leader

Based in Guatemala, Central America


Jesse Huth: Costumer Service and Sales, USA

Based in Texas, USA


David Trently: Customer Service and Sales, USA

Based in Pennsylvania, USA


Other Executive Board Members


John Drummond

Based in Colorado, USA


Harry Fuller

Based in Oregon, USA


Jennifer De Souza

David Trently

Jesse Huth

Harry Fuller

John Drummond

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