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Ghana: Essential West Africa Birding-14 Days

  • Our 17 day Upper Guinea rainforest and savannah birding tour reaches all key birding habitats and sites that Ghana has to offer.


  • We will enjoy birding the rarely visited unspoiled Ankasa rainforest near the border of the Ivory Coast. A beautiful rainforest protecting some wonderful quality species, and the only rainforest in Ghana where the Yellow-headed Picathartes (White-necked Rockfowl) is known to be.   

  • We also travel inland to Kakum National Park to bird the primary Guinea tropical rainforest where the world famous Kakum canopy walkway is found. We arrange an early opening of the walkway during our tours, enabling our guests to spend the most productive birding hours in the canopy of this beautiful forest, enjoying excellent views of the high canopy species.

  • One of the many highlights of our tour is undoubtedly the visit to a Yellow-headed Picathartes nesting site. Enjoying views of this remarkable bird is an amazing feeling, never to be forgotten.  We also visit a reliable site for Egyptian Plover, recently made a family of its own.


  • We will visit all of the key Ghana birding habitats and sites, and dedicate the majority of our time to rainforest birding. The results of this excellent birding plan will be a list of 420 to 460 West African bird species. You will not be disappointed with the total number of species, especially very sought-after and secretive species, that we find.

More Details About this Trip:

Pricing:  $3,590 US Dollars or £2,585 GBP for 14 Days and 13 Nights.  

Extensions available.


Group Size:  Most tours viable at 4 to 8 participants (priced at 6 participants).


Upcoming Dates:

November 1 to 17, 2018

February 1 to 17, 2019


2018 Schedule


Ghana: Essential West Africa Birding with Upper Guinea Endemics with William Apraku: November 1 to 17

2019 Schedule


Ghana: Comprehensive West Africa Birding with Upper Guinea Endemics with Paul Monsah: February 1 to 17

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