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Since early July, we have had an incredible response to our first dozen video conferences with our expert birding field guides from around the world.

We are now going to try something different to support end of the year giving for bird conservation, by including our clients in our methods of supporting an acre for bird conservation for every booking.

As we do these presentations, we have found participants enjoy casual birding conversation, some formal presentation content, and we often leave the microphones open for questions (depending upon group size).

In the case of this call, we (as a group) will all have a chance to review some of the many projects offered for support by the Rainforest Trust. And, we will be spending about $5,000 US Dollars on these projects during the call.

You can participate as well. If you choose a Rainforest Trust project of your own to give to, we will match that donation dollar for dollar by giving you up to $100 off your next tour with the Partnership for International Birding. Please document your donation well, by saving the receipt (easy to print when you make the donation or you will get an email). Please give at least $50, but we are glad to match your donation with a discount on a PIB trip for any amount up to $100.

We hope to just make this a fun and giving experience to support bird conservation around the world.

Registration for Video Conference

Supporting the PIB Save an Acre Program 

with the Rainforest Trust


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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