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Thailand: Key Bird Guides


Panuwat Sasirat (Par)

Panuwat Sasirat (Par)

Par has been a professional bird guide in Thailand for nearly two decades and began bird-watching in 1985 (over thirty years ago). He is one of the countries most experienced birders, and now one of the most accomplished bird guides in Thailand.


From 1995 to 2000, Par polished his bird finding skills, and by 2000 he dedicated his professional efforts to bird guiding.  He has been supporting bird watchers and bird photographers as a guide for over twenty years.



  • He started guiding Thai birders for three years, starting in 1997.  He also volunteered as a bird leader for many organizations such as Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, Rajabhat University’s Bird Life Club, and other conservation groups and societies.

  • In 1992 and 1996, he won the second runner up prize from Thailand Bird Race held by Bird Conservation Society of Thailand (BCST).

  • In 2000, he started as a professional bird guide for a number of international tour companies, serving many of the most well-known birding tour companies.

  • In November 2015, Par was selected by Noah Strycker to join his team for The Worldwide Big Year. Par was assigned to be Strycker’s guide in Thailand. This event has made Par well-known as one of the most skillful birding guides of Thailand.


In 1992, Par completed his bachelor’s degree at the Ransit University.


Par is also recognized by Thai naturalists as an expert on birding. For seven years consecutively from February 2004 to March 2011, he was the first Thai birder invited as a guest columnist in weekly bird-watching scoop for Kom Chad Luek Newspaper, the second largest newspaper in the country.  During this period, he also wrote and published his own pocket book named “Song Klong Mong Nok” (meaning: watching the birds through binoculars) for Thai readers.


You will appreciate Par’s enthusiasm for birding and expertise in bird-finding.

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