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Ecuador Guide Biographical Sketch

Alejandro Solano

Alejandro has been a professional bird guide for almost twenty years and has guided and lived in Ecuador for fifteen years. I truly consider him to be one of the top three birding guides in Ecuador, and our past clients have enjoyed his conversations and good company. He has guided for several international birding tour companies, and has conducted tours throughout Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil.


Alejandro has a degree in biology from Universidad Latina de Costa Rica, and besides leading bird trips his field experience includes surveying, mapping nests and banding birds. His field skills are highly praised by our clients whether he is guiding in Ecuador or elsewhere in South America.


Outside of guiding, Alejandro has contributed to conservation efforts around the world. In his early career in Costa Rica, Alejandro worked as resident naturalist guide at Monteverde Cloud Forest and has provided tremendous volunteer work in Costa Rica's national parks. He has worked in the United States on the MAPS project at the Institute of Bird Populations in California and at the Redwoods Science Lab, Trinity River Restoration Program at Humboldt University. In Ecuador, he has conducted bird surveys and field projects in coastal, Andes and amazon regions, producing a wealth of publications about the natural history and distribution of this country’s mega avifauna.  In Bolivia he conducted surveys to find Blue-throated Macaws and other rare birds of the Llanos.

Alejandro has also started a private conservation area, where he and his family grow sustainable crops and produce world class chocolate, while preserving the nearby forest areas.

You will enjoy Alejandro’s company, discussion, bird finding and guiding.

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