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Panama Birding Darién Extension Itinerary

Trip Description

The Darién has become much more accessible due to improvements in the Pan-American Highway through the lowlands.  Besides having access to the Harpy Eagle, you have a chance to get many other Darién specialties.  This is an extension trip to all our Panama trips.  Over four days, most trips find over 150 species, 80 new species compared to the main trips.  

Brief Itinerary

Day 0: Continue birding around Tortí (last full day of main trip)

Day 1: Torti to Yaviza with birding Tierra Nueva Nature Reserve

Day 2:  El Real - Darién National Park

Day 3:  Tierra Nueva Reserve to Tortí

Day 4:  AM Tortí; PM Departure

More details about this Trip:

Detailed Itinerary

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