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Guatemala: Key Bird Guides

Ana Paula Oxom

Ana Paula Oxom

Ana's enthusiasm for the beauty of birdlife and nature is hard to match, and she has demonstrated excellence in learning bird songs quickly and identifying birds quickly. Over the last five years, she has worked in various positions completing projects in ornithological studies and working as a bird guide in both Central and South America. She has conducted a number of bird species studies for several reserves from Guatemala and Paraguay in support of sustainable tourism initiatives. She has also held been a teaching assistant with the Laboratory of Ornithology at the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala and has held several positions as a research assistant with the Department of Biology. She loves research in the field and really enjoys the company of bird watchers. 


She has had the opportunity to lead groups in all parts of Guatemala. She enjoys guiding when getting clients up the mountain to find the Horned Guan, shares her joy of finding putting clients on new hummingbird species, and joins in with the clients as they extoll the beauty of the Long-tailed Manakin. Ana has worked for a number of major American bird tour companies, conservation organizations, and American and European private clients from around the world as a bird guide in Guatemala. And, she has represented the Partnership for International Birding at several international birding festivals. She is currently working on a number of projects for the Partnership for International Birding, helping with developing trip descriptions and compiling ornithological data on trips. Ana has also represented the PIB at the Scottish Bird Fair and the British Bird Fair. She completed her studies in Sustainable Tourism and

Management with the Universidad de Valle de Guatemala.


Ana continues to grow professionally as a bird guide and finds new and innovative ways to promote sustainable tourism, and her potential to become a top guide in Central America is apparent to whoever has the opportunity to go birding with her. Ana's field skills and warm personality make her an excellent choice as a bird guide in Guatemala.

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