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Guatemala: Spectacular Central American Birding

Trip Description

Brief Itinerary

Guatemala is a spectacular birding destination with more than 750 bird species. This trip is an exciting birding journey designed so that most birders see 320 to over 350 species in 10 to 13 days. Guatemala offers birders over 35 bird species endemic to Guatemala and/or neighboring countries. Everyone will also enjoy Guatemala's incredible landscapes, filled with volcanoes, lakes, and archeological sites. Guatemala is a land of huge contrasts, from cloud forests to dry and sub-tropical humid forests.


The four-day extension includes a visit to the spectacular Tikal archeological site, built around the 4th century BC. Tikal was the center of the vast Mayan empire. Located inside Tikal National Park in the department (province) of Petén in northern Guatemala, Tikal was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. Covering over 200 square miles, Tikal National Park is a paradise for bird watchers and provides everyone in the group the opportunity to learn more about the Mayan culture and rich history of the Americas.

Day 1: Arrivals into Guatemala City

Day 2: AM Birding in Finca San Cayetano and PM Birding at Los Tarrales Reserve

Day 3: Full Day Birding Los Tarrales Reserve

Day 4: AM Birding Los Tarrales Reserve; Afternoon Birding to Quetzaltenango Area

Day 5: AM Birding Chicabal Volcano Area; Afternoon Transfer to Sibinal

Day 6: Full Day Birding Sibinal for Horned Guan and More

Day 7:  Final Birding Sibinal, and Late Afternoon Transfer to San Marcos

Day 8: Full Day Birding San Marcos Area: Montane Forest and Humid Cloud Forest: Resplendent Quetzal, Hummingbirds, and More

Day 9: Early AM Final Birding San Marcos and PM Quetzaltenango flight back to Guatemala City and Birding There

Day 10: Departure Day and/or Transition to Tikal Extension

Tikal: Mayan Heritage and Birding Extension


Extension Day 1/Day 10: AM Flight to Tikal National Park and Birding Rest of the Day

Extension Day 2/Day 11: Birding in Tikal National Park

Extension Day 3/Day 12: Full Day Birding in Cerro Cahuí Protected Biotope: AM Birding for Species Missed, and Late PM Return to Flores

Extension Day 4/Day 13: AM Flight Back to Guatemala City and Early Afternoon Flights Back Home  

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Detailed Itinerary

Find below our Guatemala: Spectacular Central American Birding Detailed itinerary or download it.

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