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Ecuador Amazon-Rio Napo Extension Birding Itinerary

Trip Description

Brief Itinerary

Adventure!  Exploration! Lots and lots of birds!  This pretty much sums up what it's like to visit the Amazon Rainforest. Journey down the Napo River to your lodge nestled deep in the jungle, and wake up to a chorus of hundreds of birds each morning.  You will visit remote islands, parrot clay licks, hidden streams, and a canopy tower that puts you on eye level with the birds. Your guide will take you on hikes through the jungle to find many birds and learn a bit on jungle ecology, and return you safely to the lodge where a cool drink awaits. You will have the option to do some night walks as well to see owls, Potoo, frogs, and Noisy Night Monkey.

Day 1:  Departure from Quito; Arrival at Sacha Lodge
Day 2 to 4: Birding in the Amazon Basin

  • Canopy tower and birding by canoe

  • River Island Birding

  • Parrot Lick

  • Birding trails in the rainforest

Day 5:  Morning birding, boat ride up Napo River, and flight to Quito
Day 6:  Optional morning birding in Quito, flights home

More details about this Trip:

Detailed Itinerary

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