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Colombia Cauca Valley 14 Day

Trip Description

Brief Itinerary

The Cauca and Magdalena Valleys are ecoregions very important to Colombia.  The flanks of both valleys, ranging from the cloud forests to the grassland páramos in the high Andes, harbor many range-restricted species. This trip will allow us to look for 20-24 Colombian endemics and a total of 370-420 species in just 14 days. It has a well-planned itinerary with top South American guides. Trip participants will see 40-50 tanagers, hummingbird feeders can provide up to 12 species at a single locality and up to 45 hummingbird species can be seen on the trip, and many other excellent birds will be found. 

Colombian birding can no longer be missed; even experienced South American birders can
add up to 100 bird species to their life lists.

Day 1:  Arrival in Bogotá and fly to Cali by noon.  Birding the cloud forest at KM 18 and El Faro.
Day 2:  More birding back at KM 18 Cloud Forest and gardens of Luis Mazariegos in Cali.
Day 3:   Early morning birding the Yotoco Forest,
afternoon birding at Laguna de Sonso.
Day 4:  Early morning birding the Cañon del Río Barbas and late afternoon in Montezuma.
Day 5: Full day birding in Montezuma (humid, moss-
covered forest) for many west slope Chocó specialties.
Day 6:  Early morning birding Montezuma and drive to bird Otún Quimbaya Reserve.
Day 7:  Morning birding Otún Quimbaya, afternoon drive to Manizales and birding in Rio Blanco Reserve.
Day 8:  Full day birding at Rio Blanco Reserve enjoying antpitta feeding, hummingbird feeders, and more.
Day 9:  Morning birding Rio Blanco Reserve
enjoying other forested areas at different elevations, afternoon birding transfer to Nevado del Ruiz. 

Day 10:  Early morning birding the highlands of Nevado del Ruiz National Park, afternoon birding transfer to Victoria.
Day 11:  Full day birding Bellavista Reserve.
Day 12:  Early morning birding Bellavista Reserve
and the Victoria surroundings and birding at key spots on drive to La Vega in the afternoon.
Day 13:  Early morning birding in La Vega and late
afternoon birding in marshes near Bogotá.
Day 14:  Early morning birding in La Florida marshes
near Bogotá (depends on flight times) and transfer to
the airport
for the international flights back home.

More details about this Trip:

Detailed Itinerary

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