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Bolivian Highlands 9 Day Birding

  • The trip locations provide access to some of the highest elevations of Andean highlands habitats. Besides seeing birds, the views are fantastic.


More Details About this Trip:

  • The trip is well planned to focus on bird watching. With excellent guides, we anticipate trip participants will see over 350 species in just 8 days. We also anticipate a chance to see 22 endemics or near endemics.

  • A trip extension of several days will provide the opportunity for additional birding along the Upper Coroico and the Apaapa Reserve. 

Pricing:  $xxxx US Dollars, or £xxx GBP for 9 Days and 8 Nights  

Extensions available.


Group Size:  Most tours viable at 4 to 8 participants (priced at 6 participants).


Upcoming Dates: 




Short-winged Grebe, Wedge- tailed Hillstar, Black-hooded Sunbeam, Hooded Mountain-Toucan, Bolivian Earthcreeper, Black- throated Thistletail, Light-crowned Spinetail, Maquis Canastero, Berlepsch´s Canastero, Yellow-rumped Antwren, Rufous-faced Antpitta, Bolivian Tapaculo, Diademed Tapaculo, Yungas Tody-Tyrant, Orange- browed Hemispingus, Gray-bellied Flowerpiercer, Bolivian Warbling-Finch, Cochabamba Mountain- Finch, Citron-headed Yellow-Finch, Fulvous-headed Brush-Finch, Rufous-bellied Saltator and Bolivian Blackbird.

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2017 Schedule

July 23 to August 5: Bolivia Birding: Lowlands to Highlands with Lelis Navarrete plus Lake Titicaca and Apa Apa Reserve Extension to August 10


November 8 to 20: Bolivia Birding: Lowlands to Highlands with José Antonio Padilla Reyes plus Lake Titicaca and Apa Apa Reserve Extension to November 24

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