Bolivian Highlands Itinerary

Trip Description


Brief Itinerary

Day 1:  Arrival and Birding in La Paz/Mecha Pacca 
             and then Cochabamba
Day 2:  Birding the Cochabamba-Upper Chapare 
             Road, and Tablas Monte.
Day 3:  Birding Cerro Tunari.
Day 4:  Birding the Cochabamba- Upper Chapare 
             Road, Subestacion Miguelito.
Day 5:  Early morning birding Laguna Alalay and                           birding in transit to Oruro.
Day 6:  Early morning birding at the lakes near Oruro 
              and some birding in transit to La Paz via                           Inquisivi.  
Day 7:  Early start for Lake Titicaca and Sorata.
Day 8:  Birding Lower Coroico Road, crossing 
              Continental Divide and return to La Paz.
Day 9:  Transfer to International flight from La Paz. 

Extension Trip for 4 or 5 More Days:

Extension Day 1:  Birding on way to Chulumai on the 
                                 Upper Coroico Road
Ext. Days 2 and 3:  From Chulumai, birding two full                                         days at the nearby Apaapa Reserve.
Ext. Day 4:  Birding through various habitats as you 
                      return to La Paz.
Ext. Day 5:  Extension Trip return flights.

More details about this Trip:

Detailed Itinerary

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