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British Columbia Summer Birding
Itineraries: Brief and Detailed

Trip Description

Brief Itinerary

British Columbia, Canada’s westernmost province, boasts a higher bird species list than any other province in the country. British Columbia is massive. It is larger, in area, than Oregon, Washington and California combined, though we will only be exploring a relatively small area in the southern quarter of the province. Our travels will take us from one of Canada’s largest and most diverse cities, Vancouver, up into the Okanagan Valley, where vineyards and orchards sit next to glistening lakes and arid, desert-like habitats. Near Kamloops, rolling grasslands predominate in the valley bottom and vast areas of boreal forest can be quite easily accessed.


For those interested in birding in Canada, southern British Columbia is home to many species that cannot be found elsewhere in the country. Species like Hutton’s Vireo, Bushtit, Anna’s Hummingbird, Canyon Wren, Lewis’s Woodpecker, Sage Thrasher, Flammulated Owl and Western Screech-Owl are found regularly nowhere else. For birders from the United States, B.C. offers the chance to encounter a number of rare and sought-after birds of a northern flavor, such as Great Gray Owl, American Three-toed Woodpecker, Boreal Chickadee and Spruce Grouse. A nine-day tour such as this one could produce as many as 200 species of birds, as well as a nice assortment of mammals.


Day 1: Arrival in Vancouver in AM; Afternoon Birding at Tsawwassen Jetty; Drive to town of Hope


Day 2: Early Morning Birding in the Boreal Forest and Subalpine Meadows of Manning Provincial Park; Afternoon More Birding in the Lower Elevation Coniferous Forests in Manning Park

Day 3: AM Birding from Princeton to Osoyoos (including Richter Pass); Rest of Day More Osoyoos Area Birding, including Road 22, the Throne; Evening Nocturnal Birding for Owls and More

Day 4: Full Day Birding from Osoyoos to Kelowna, exploring High Elevation Forests, Venner Meadows, White Lake, Hardy Falls and More. Post Supper Owling near Kelowna

Day 5: Full Day Birding around Kelowna; Special Owling in Early Evening

Day 6: Birding Grasslands, Wetlands and Lakes along the Old Road from Kelowna to Kamloops. Potential for Nocturnal Birding as Well

Day 7: AM Birding Kamloops Area; Afternoon Drive to Hope

Day 8: AM Birding (as needed at Manning Park); Rest of Day Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary with More Coastal and Greater Vancouver Options

Day 9: AM Birding British Columbia Coasts and Nearby Areas

More details about this Trip:

Detailed Itinerary

Find below our British Columbia Birding Detailed Itinerary or download it.

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