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Tanzania and Kenya: Best of East Africa Birding

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Trip Description

Brief Itinerary


Day 1: Arrival into Arusha in Tanzania

Day 2: AM Transfer to Tarangire National Park and Bird There Most of Day

Day 3: Full Day Birding and Wildlife Watching in Tarangire National Park

Day 4: AM Transfer to Gibbs Farm and Birding There, and PM Birding Ngorongoro Highlands

Day 5: Full Day Birding and Wildlife Watching Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area

Day 6: AM at the Olduvai Gorge, PM Birding in the Serengeti

Days 7 & 8: Two Full Days Birding and Wildlife Watching in Serengeti National Park

Day 9: Transfer to Arusha, with Key Birding in Acacia Woodland; Later Day Birding on Slopes of Mount Meru

Day 10: AM Birding in Arusha; Transfer with Some Birding to Kenya; PM Transfer to Amboseli National Park in Kenya; Late Afternoon Birding

Day 11: Full Day Birding in Amboseli National Park with Views of Mount Kilimanjaro

Day 12: AM Transfer to Mount Kenya National Park with Late PM Birding and Wildlife Watching

Day 13: Full Day Birding with Some Wildlife Watching at Mount Kenya National Park

Day 14: AM Birding on Mount Kenya and Surrounding Highland Habitats for Key Species; Afternoon Birding at Shaba National Reserve and Nearby Areas

Days 15 & 16: Two Full Days Birding at Buffalo Springs Reserve

Day 17: Two Key Birding Stops on Way to Lake Nakuru National Park; Afternoon Birding at Lake Nakuru

Day 18: Final Morning Birding, Noon Departure to Nairobi and Flights Home

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Detailed Itinerary

Find below our Tanzania and Kenya detailed itinerary or download it.

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