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 New Britain Itinerary

Trip Description

Brief Itinerary

This short extension before the main Papua New Guinea birding tour gives you the opportunity to see a selection of bird species endemic to the Bismarck Archipelago, a group of islands lying off the northeast coast of New Guinea.


The island of New Britain is the largest island within the archipelago and is home to fourteen endemic bird species plus a further twelve species endemic to both New Britain and New Ireland.


During our stay on the island we will cover various sites around West New Britain that are the key areas for birds endemic to New Britain or the wider Bismarck Archipelago. These sites include the Kulu River and the Pokili Wildlife Management Area.


Our main targets on the island include MacKinlay's (Spot-breasted) Cuckoo-Dove, Island (Floury) Imperial Pigeon, Beach Kingfisher, Island Monarch, Golden Whistler, Bismarck Black Myzomela, Sclater’s (Scarlet-bibbed) Myzomela, Nicobar Pigeon and Melanesian Megapode.

Day 1: Port Moresby to New Britain: AM Finishing Up Main Tour; Mid-Day Flight; and then Birding around Walindi


Day 2: AM Birding the Megapode Habitat and Golden Masked Owl and More in Afternoon

Day 3: AM Lowland Forest Area; PM Birding Nambala and Other Kimbe Bay Areas

Day 4: AM Kimbe Bay Boat tour; PM Birding the Lowland Riverine Habitat

Day 5: Departure Day, New Britain to Port Moresby 

More details about this Trip:

Detailed Itinerary

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