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Birding Northern Territory: Kakadu National Park and More

Trip Description

Brief Itinerary

The Northern Territory is the most sparsely populated part of Australia, with spectacular landforms and a mosaic of habitats offering an exceptional variety and density of birds. From Darwin, we will make our way southeast towards the World Heritage Kakadu National Park, detouring along the unpaved Marrakai Track where we can expect to find a good selection of birds in undisturbed open forest and bamboo thickets. At Kakadu, we will explore savannah woodlands, sandstone escarpments and the South Alligator floodplains for a good selection of birds, mammals, stunning vistas and ancient Aboriginal rock art. We will look in particular for some of the endemic sandstone species such as White-lined Honeyeater.


Before leaving Kakadu, we will take an enjoyable sunrise cruise on the Yellow Waters billabong looking for Great-billed Heron, six species of kingfisher and Buff-sided Robin among others, as well as Estuarine Crocodile. We will end with some final birding in Darwin, visiting a selection of habitats surrounding the tropical city. This part of Australia is home to a high diversity of specialized mangrove species, including Chestnut Rail, and we will spend our time here birding in mangroves as well as monsoonal vine forests, garden parks, woodlands and other coastal habitats.

We may also visit Fogg Dam, a renowned wetland on the edge of the Adelaide River Floodplain home to an impressive selection of water birds.

Day 1: Arrival in Darwin
Day 2: Early Start for Kakadu Area: First Stop Marrakai Track and then Start Birding Kakadu National Park in PM
Day 3: Birding and Wildlife Watching at Kakadu National Park
Day 4: Birding from Yellow Waters to Pine Creek
Day 5: AM Birding in the Pine Creek Area; then Birding the Coast and Other Spots on the Way Back to Darwin
Day 6: Darwin Area Birding (Mangroves and Monsoon Forest)
Day 7: Departure Darwin for your international travel




More details about this Trip:

Detailed Itinerary

Download our detailed itinerary for our Northern Territory, or read it below.

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