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Northern India & Himalayan Foothills Birding Tour Pricing

2016 & 2017 Pricing:  $3,490 US Dollars, or £2,650 GBP*

for 16 Days and 15 Nights



  • Tour package includes all lodging, meals* and access fees to reserves, parks and other birding sites.

  • Premier Bird Guide: All of our tours use the services on an excellent bird guide, often a well-recognized expert on birding in this area. The India trips have two excellent bird guides in Leio De Souza or Lokesh Kumar.

  • Top-Rated Preparation Services: We support your preparation for the trip. We provide information on the birds you will see and all the travel details, including all logistic details (arrival plans, trip itinerary, lodging details and more), information on entry into India and information on travel health issues, packing information and more. Most of our clients comment that our Trip Participation Guide is the best they have ever seen.

  • Transport and Airport Transfers

    • Local ground transport is included. This includes a large transport van for most of the trip. 

    • We also have a driver or guide pick you up at the airport upon arrival, and transfers for internal flights are included, and we arrange for a transfer back to the airport at the end of the trip.  

    • This trip also includes travel by train.

  • Acre for Bird Conservation: We support bird conservation.  For every tour participant, we provide support for bird conservation by the acre.  Acres are sometimes purchased, but we often support conservation easements through a variety of reputable conservation partners, such as the Rainforest Trust and the World Land Trust.  We have protected over 70,000 acres over the last three years. 

  • Small Group Pricing: All the prices mentioned above are for tour groups of six to eight participants. We are happy to provide pricing for private groups with fewer than six participants.


*Pricing Notes and More Details:

  • INR Pricing: Most trip costs in India are fixed in Indian Rupees (INR).  However, we have fixed the tour price in US Dollars.  We do reserve the right to adjust pricing if the Rupee to US Dollar exchange rate falls signficantly below 65 INR per USD.  In twelve years in business, we have only adjusted tour pricing twice for exchange rate adjustments.

  • US Dollar Pricing: The US Dollar has risen steadily against most currencies on the Indian subcontinent over the last five years. Most trip costs for India are priced in Indian Rupees (INR).  The prices presented are based upon an exchange rate of 65 INR to the 1 US Dollar. If the exchange rate changes substantially, we reserve the right to change the trip price to address these currency exchange differences.

  • Pricing in British Pounds: The British Pound Sterling has risen steadily against most currencies on the Indian subcontinent over the last five years. However, when we priced this trip on June 30 of 2016, the UK had just voted to leave the EU.  The exchange rate at that time was 89 INR per GBP.  We will adjust the tour price for our UK clients (and let us hope an improvement), as the pound gains ground against the INR and USD.  This does seem likely. 

  • Bank Fees: We do not charge bank fees for wire transfers for clients paying into our accounts in the United States, the United Kingdom and/or Canada.

  • Note on Meal Inclusion: Meals include three meals per day during any full day of the trip. The arrival day does include lunch and supper, as most flights arrive in the morning. The departure day includes only breakfast, as most flights leave in the morning.

  • Note on Beverage Inclusion: Most of our meals are provided by the lodges, and we follow their practices in providing beverages at meal time. Most lodge-provided breakfasts include a choice of coffee, tea and/or juice, and most box lunches include either bottled water or juice. Other beverages served at supper are your choice and are an additional expense which you pay to the restaurant directly. We provide water at the table for supper. We also provide bottled water during the birding day.

  •  Group Size: We anticipate a group of 6 to 8 participants, and pricing is based upon this group size.


Optional Costs for Booking the Trip:


Single Room Supplement: $640 USD (or £480 GBP*) is the price we charge for the additional cost of anyone not sharing a room with another birder (and/or a spouse). If you want a single room, please let us know. We are often able to find a roommate for those wanting to share a room with a person of the same sex.


Pre-Paid Tipping for Meals/Lodging: Add $80 USD (or about £60 GBP*)  to pre-pay these tips if in a shared room, or add $30 USD (or about £20 GBP*) if in a single room on the main 16-day trip. We do present to you clear tipping recommendations if you want to do the tipping yourself. Most of our clients prefer to do the tipping themselves.


Notes on Other Tour Costs: Exclusions: 


  • You will need to pay for any flight costs involved in this trip. 

    • This will include flights to Delhi from your home airport.

  • The tour fee does not include taxes/fees for entering or exiting the country, telephone calls, laundry and other items of a personal nature.

  • Tips for birding guides and trip drivers are not included in the tour price.


Want More Tour Information or Have Questions about Pricing?


Please call Charles (in the USA at 720-320-1974 or toll free at 888-203-7464 in Colorado) or Ian (in the UK at 07719-052820 in Norfolk), and/or email


We are happy to answer any question you may have and/or provide you trip reports (reports of birds and other wildlife actually seen on our trips) or more details on trip logistics (from vehicles used to lodging details).


Like to Book these Trips:


Booking by Phone in the USA: Call Charles at the Partnership for International Birding toll free at 888-203-7464, ext. 912. Charles can also be reached on his desk phone in Denver at 303-777-7588 or his cell phone at 720-320-1974.


Booking by Phone in the UK: Call Ian at the Partnership for International Birding’s UK office at 07719-052820 in Norfolk)


Tour Pricing Update Note: These tour prices were updated June 30, 2016 for all 2016 and 2017 tour dates.                                               



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