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Ghana: Key Bird Guides

Paul Mensah

Williams Apraku

Senior Birding and Wildlife Tour Leader


He was born in Hwidiem, a town in the Brong-Ahafo Region of Ghana, worked with the Ghana Wildlife Division for ten (10), now a full-time birding and wildlife leader/guide. William is what we would call a 24/7 birder he loves his work, is an outstanding bird and wildlife tour leader and has conducted more ornithological research in Ghana than anybody spending many months with renowned researchers Bob Dowsett and Francois Lamire. Williams was the first to discover a nesting site for the rare Black-headed Bee-eater and was introduced and trained in bird guiding by a renowned South African birder Andrew Hester many years ago. 


Williams knows all birds by song/call and is an expert at identification, general natural history and culture of West Africa. He is blessed with a wife, four sons and a daughter and his infectious love of his work is reflected in his tours and feedback from clients.

Senior Birding, Wildlife and Cultural Tour Leader

Paul Mensah is an excellent birding and wildlife tour leader and has led many tours for international companies and private groups. Paul has an amazing ability to spot species in the most difficult habitat and he is also excellent at bird identification and knows all birds by song/call.
A very popular leader with our clients, his professional attitude, logistical excellence, and personable and social character are complemented by his calm leading style, enthusiasm and love of his work. His desire to always offer his best to clients ensures all his tours are highly productive and enjoyable. Paul lives near Kakum National Park and is always in the field researching species and new locations to find them. He is also one of our cultural tour guides as he loves sharing his exceptional knowledge of Ghana’s culture and history

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James Ntakor​

Victor Owusu

Senior Birding, Wildlife and Cultural Tour Leader

Victor is always a favorite with our clients and simply loves his job and wildlife. An experienced guide with over 100 tours as a leader, his calm and professional style ensures a smooth and enjoyable trip for tour participants. Now in his mid-thirties, Victor was born in Eziama in the Western Region of Ghana close to Ankasa Reserve surrounded by the upper guinea rainforest.


His childhood was spent exploring the forests around his community and is the main reason for his exceptional ability to identify and find the most difficult species. Victor knows all birds by song/call and can identify all West African species, he has a love of all nature and is very knowledgeable on the culture and history of Ghana which he enjoys sharing with clients. The only negative we can find with Victor is his second love of Manchester United Football Club.

Senior Birding, Wildlife and Cultural Tour Leader

James was born and raised in a village close to Kakum National Park an area of approximately 360 square kilometres of upper guinea rainforest habitat.
James has worked full time with us for the past 7 years and is an exceptional bird and wildlife tour leader. It is clear to see Kakum was James’ playground as a child, James has an immense passion and love for wildlife and is often heard having a private chuckle whilst looking through the scope. As he grew up surrounded by upper guinea rainforest James had no problem learning the birds and their song/calls and he has a natural ability to find the target species of the groups he leads. Undoubtedly one of Africa’s finest nature tour leaders his reputation speaks for itself. An expert in birds, wildlife and culture coupled with his excellent logistical ability and personable nature makes all his tours highly productive and enjoyable for our tour participants.
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