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Ecuador’s Enchanted Islands 

The Galápagos Islands by Land (Island Hopping)

Our Galapagos land and boat tour has several advantages over traditional yacht-based Galapagos tours. The most important of these is the expertise of our tour leader and the results we get in terms of finding endemic birds and other Galapagos wildlife. You also do not have to sleep on a yacht but stay in more comfortable hotel rooms.

This tour was designed and will be led by Lelis Navarrete. Lelis wrote the ‘Field Guide to the Galapagos Islands’, covering birds, mammals, reptiles, fish, and other common wildlife. He also wrote the ‘Fieldbook of the Birds of Ecuador’. Since 1998, Lelis has led over twenty yacht-based birding tours and nearly 30 Galapagos birding tours, and his expertise in the islands is unsurpassed.

This tour targets at least 24 Galapagos endemic bird species, including Galapagos Rail and Flightless Cormorant. We will take time to study the finches that led Charles Darwin to write his revolutionary book “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection”. Additional extensions can be organized to find several additional endemic species, which can be difficult to find on other tours.

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Small Ground-Finch, Galápagos Dove, Galápagos Mockingbird, Medium Ground-Finch, Small Tree-Finch, Vegetarian Finch, Large Tree-Finch, Woodpecker Finch, Green Warbler-Finch, Galápagos Flycatcher, Lava Gull, Galápagos Rail, Common Cactus-Finch, Large Ground-Finch, Galapagos Penguin, Galápagos Martin, Gray Warbler-Finch, Galapagos Hawk, Española Mockingbird, Española Ground-Finch, San Cristóbal Mockingbird, Flightless Cormorant.


Galápagos Sea Lion, Galápagos Fur Seal

More Details About this Trip:

Pricing: $5,290 USD or £4,170 GBP for 10 Days and 9 Nights; 


Group Size: Most tours are viable at 7 or 8 participants.

Upcoming Dates:  

April 16 to 25, 2025

October 9 to 18 , 2025

*See Schedule for more dates

Video Conference on Galapagos Birding with

PIB Guide

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Galápagos Giant Tortoise, Marine Iguanas, Sally Lightfoot Crab, Galápagos Land Iguana

Other Wildlife

Zoom Video Conference on Galapagos Birding with PIB Guide:

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