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Northeast Brazil Birding

The far Brazilian Northeast is carpeted with a low, xerophitic, thorny woodland and scrub known as the Caatinga Forest. This peculiar habitat is unique to Brazil and is one of the most endangered habitats in South America. The Caatinga habitat is home to an endemic avifauna which will be our goal during this trip. Among the species of the Caatinga region, we have to mention the magnificent Lear's (Indigo) Macaw, with only an estimated population of 400 individuals in the wild.

More Details About this Trip:

Immersed in the vast Caatinga are isolated remnants of Atlantic Forest that are home to a set of little known bird species. Worth mentioning are Long-tailed Woodnymph, Pinto's Spinetail, Alagoas Foliage-gleaner, Orange-bellied Antwren, the very local Buff-breasted Tody-Tyrant and the spectacular Seven-colored Tanager.

This is another productive birding trip to Brazil for the experienced Brazilian birder, desiring more excellent Brazilian birding and more Brazilian endemics. One of our experienced staff has done this trip 3 times, and he continues to rave about the quality of birding at this location. Most trips find 300 to 400 species in about 10 days.

Pricing: $6,890 US Dollars, or £5,430 GBP for 15 Days and 14 Nights. Extensions are available.


Group Size: Most tours are viable at 4 to 8 participants (priced at 6 participants).


Upcoming Dates: 

August 9 to 23, 2024 plus extension 

August 11 to 25, 2025 plus extension 

*See Schedule for more dates

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