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Bolivia Birding: Lowlands to Highlands

Itineraries: Brief and Detailed


Trip Description

Brief Itinerary

This trip will take you on an expedition through many of the major birding hotspots in Bolivia. From volcanoes to jungles to high altitude forests, you will cover a large variety of habitats to maximize the number of birds seen. Most trips find over 400 species in two weeks and 500 species with the extension trip. Bolivian endemics and regional endemics (shared with bordering Peru and Argentina) make this an endemic rich and worthwhile trip. No one will forget Red-fronted Macaws in flight, the stunning Black-hooded Sunbeam and other hummingbirds, and more fantastic tropical birding. These trips are offered several times per year. Great guides include Lelis Navarrete and Willy Perez who will assure good communication and productive birding.

Day 1: Flights into Santa Cruz, including Viru-Viru Airport, Lomas de Arena, Jardin Botanico

Day 2: Birding Jardin Botanico

Days 3 & 4: Birding Refugio Los Volcanes & Ambororo National Park

Days 5 to 7: Birding Samaipata, Tambo and Comarapa Area and La Siberia

Day 8: Birding Cochabamba

Day 9 to 11: Birding Cochabamba, including the Cochabamba-Upper Chapare Road, Tablas Monte, Cerro Tunari and Subestacia Miguelito

Days 12 & 13: High Altitude Birding: Includes Laguna Alalay, Oruro, Lake Uru, and More Birding as we Ascend to La Paz (including Inquisivi)

Day 14: Departure or Transition Day: Fly Home (or better, extend trip for another 4 or 5 days)


Lake Titicaca, Apaapa Reserve and More Extension


Day 1: Coroico Road to Chulamani

Day 2 & 3: Birding very productive Apaapa Reserve

Day 4: Productive birding in Apaapa in morning then focused on birds may have missed on Coroico Road on way back to La Paz

Day 5: Birding Lake Titicaca and Sorata

Day 6: Flights Home

More details about this Trip:

Detailed Itinerary

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