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Bhutan: Key Bird Guides


Sherab Dorji and Leio De Souza   

Sherab Dorji

Sherab is from the town of Paro in west Bhutan. Before starting his career as a bird guide more than a decade ago, Sherab was selected by his country’s Olympic Committee to represent Bhutan in archery, the country’s national sport, and he has competed in competitions around the world. His eyesight is keen, contributing to his archery abilities and his ability to find birds.


Once firmly back in Bhutan, Sherab followed his other passion, undertaking extensive birdwatching training under the tutelage of American ornithologist Tom Stephenson. Together with his brother-in-law, Norbu (who may also join our video conference), Sherab is part of perhaps the most respected guiding partnership operating within Bhutan and a superb partner to the Partnership for International Birding in the region.


Sherab is an outstanding tour guide with a knowledge of his country and its birdlife --- his local expertise is really second to none.

  • Past tour participants have commented on how his sharp eyesight and how his knowledge of bird vocalizations contribute to the success of bird-finding on the tour. Every tour delivers excellent opportunities on finding Bhutan’s specialty species.

  • Customer also appreciate Sherab’s patience with participants, and his ability to keep birders of all interests together on the tour.

  • Sherab is also always keen to offer an insight into Bhutanese and Buddhist culture as you journey through his country. On many tours, our clients are delighted to have the opportunity to be welcomed into Sherab’s home, experiencing the warm local hospitality in his family’s typical Bhutanese farmhouse.


We hope you consider birding in Bhutan with Sherab and learning more about the birds of Bhutan.

More details about this Trip:

Leio De Souza

With more than fifteen years experience in leading bird tours for leading international tour companies as well as countless private groups and individuals, both birders and photographers, he is widely acknowledged as among the leading bird guides/tour leaders in India today.


Leio guides extensively in Goa and throughout India, Bhutan, and Nepal as the primary tour leader for our fixed departure tours. His extensive knowledge of the avifauna of the Indian region, long experience of guiding and easy rapport with local guides and service providers combine with an infectious enthusiasm for the natural world, natural leadership qualities, easy-going nature and ever-present sense of humour to ensure rewarding tours and an enjoyable on-tour atmosphere.

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