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Birding Brazil's Pantanal with the Audubon Society of Greater Denver: Birds and Wildlife Trip Itinerary

Trip Description

Every birder and wildlife lover wants to see the Pantanal and this trip has been designed to guarantee the joy of finding Jaguar, the biggest and majestic cat of the new world as well as some 40 specialty bird species and several Brazilian endemics, including Hyacinth Macaw, Greater Rhea, Bare-faced Curassow, Mato Grosso Antbird, Chestnut-bellied Guan and much more.


Besides seeing 200 plus bird species, everyone enjoys seeing Capybara, Giant Anteater, Silvery Marmoset, Black Howler Monkey  and other Pantanal wildlife. You will also enjoy wonderful food, driving down the Transpantaneira, Anacondas, and the Brazilian cowboy life style. Most birders choose an additional birding in the Amazon Basin and visit Rio Cristalino Jungle Forest, making for a trip of 420 to 480 species in a couple of weeks.

Brief Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival into Sao Paulo and flight to Cuiabá


Day 2: Early AM transfer Cuiabá to Pantanal. Full day birding in Pantanal.


Day 3: Full Day Birding in the Pantanal from Fazenda Pouso Alegre


Day 4: AM Pantanal Birding and PM Birding Transfer to Porto Jofre


Day 5: AM Boat Trip Looking for Jaguar & Birding along the River; PM Drive to Piuval


Day 6: AM Pantanal Birding and PM Birding Transfer to Chapada dos Guimarães


Day 7: Full Day Birding Chapada dos Guimarães


Day 8: AM Chapada Birding and Mid-Morning Travel to Cuiabá, late PM Birding Mãe Bonifacia Park


Day 9: AM Transfer to Cuiaba airport. Participants taking the Rio Cristalino Extension will fly to Alta Floresta, Participants finishing the trip will fly back to Sao Paulo.  

Detailed Itinerary

More details about this Trip:

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Jaguar Pantanal

Detailed Itinerary

Find below our Jaguar Pantanal Detailed Itinerary or download it.

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