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Cuba: Premier Birding Guide Biographical Sketch

Arturo Kirkconnell (R2 or Junior):

Arturo Kirkconnell (sometimes referred to as R2 or Arturo, Junior) has been a professional bird guide in Cuba for nine years, and he has been birding in Cuba for over 20 years.  He has guided couples, small groups, and large groups since 2009.  In the last few years, he has been guiding close to twenty Cuba birding and ornithological study tours each year.

Arturo is working to complete the Photographic Field Guide to the Birds of Cuba and an app (let us hope both Apple and Microsoft smart-phone compatible) for the Birds of Cuba.  The app will use photographic images and have bird songs.

Arturo completed his Bachelor of Science at the University of Havana in 2012.  Though his degree is in computer science, his true passion is birding.  

Arturo’s education in bird studies has mostly been with his father Arturo Kirkconnell, who wrote the Field Guide to the Birds of Cuba.  Arturo (R2) has participated in many of his father’s expeditions since he was age nine (almost twenty years ago), and he fell in love with birding as he grew up.  He has helped on a number of his father’s ornithological study tours, as a bird researcher and field assistant over the last decade.

Besides teaching field skills to his son, Arturo (R1 or senior) has taught Arturo (R2) the value of high-quality customer service.  On trip after trip, both Arturo (R1) and Arturo (R2) prove they take good care of our clients, and they work hard to meet our customers’ needs throughout the tour.

You will enjoy your birding and ornithological study experience with Arturo.


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