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Texas Mega: RGV, Hill Country, and Big Bend Itinerary

Trip Description

Most of the birding on this trip will be done on foot, including an up to 10-mile hike to see the Colima Warbler.  This hike involves a nearly 2000-foot elevation gain along a rocky mountain trail.  The walk to find the Golden-cheeked Warbler can reach a mile or more, but it is on mostly level ground.  Much of the rest of the birding will include short walks on well maintained trails, probably never more than a quarter mile from the van.  There will be periods of a few hours of travel by van, as long distances are covered on the trip.

With sunrise around 7:15, you should expect to eat breakfast around 6:00 most mornings, allowing for early starts while temperatures are still low, and bird activity is highest.  On the morning of the Colima Warbler hike you will start the trail by 6:00.

Lunches will usually be picnic style, eaten in the field.  We will make stops at grocery stores to stock up on supplies as necessary.

The goal is to either be back at your lodging around 6:00 most evenings, with 6:30 departure for dinner, or you will go to a restaurant at 6:00, with return to the hotel afterwards.

Night birding may be offered at some points during the trip.

Brief Itinerary

Day 1:  Arrival in McAllen; Afternoon Birding Rio Grande Valley
Day 2:  Full Day Birding Rio Grande Valley: South Padre Island and Brownsville
Day 3:  Full Day Birding: Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park, Anzalduas Park and Other Key Area Sites in the Rio Grande Valley
Day 4:  Morning Birding in Rio Grande Valley to Salineño and then Birding to the Hill Country
Day 5:  Morning Birding at South Llano River State Park, then PM Drive to Big Bend.
Day 6: Morning Hike for Colima Warbler and More; Afternoon Focus on Other Big Bend and South Texas Specialties
Day 7:  Morning Big Bend Birding and visit Christmas Mountain Oasis on way to Davis Mountains State Park

Day 8:  Morning Birding at Davis Mountains; PM Flights out of Midland, Texas


Detailed Itinerary

More details about this Trip:

Conservation Commitment


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8 Day Detailed Itinerary

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