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Extension 2: Melaleuca and Orange-bellied Parrot

Photo by S. Zarate

Detailed Itinerary

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit a remote island wilderness area and to see one of the most endangered bird species on the planet.


 Today, we will leave civilization behind us and embark on a spectacular flight (weather dependant) to Tasmania’s remote South West World Heritage area (on Melaleuca island).  We will plan to leave Hobart, right after breakfast.


We will then spend the rest of the day birding and enjoying the natural history of this remote area.  Inaccessible by road and breathtakingly scenic, Melaleuca is one of the most remote areas in Australia and is famed, not only for its unspoiled wilderness and clean air (arguably the cleanest in the world), but also for its bird life. At Melaleuca, we have a chance to see one of Australia’s rarest birds, the critically endangered Orange-bellied Parrot. With less than fifty individuals left in the wild, this vivid parrot is teetering on the brink of extinction. Other specialties we hope to see are the elusive Eastern Ground Parrot, Striated Fieldwren, the delightful Southern Emu-wren, and the aptly named Beautiful Firetail. The area is also rich in history and we will learn of the fabled adventurers who braved this region in a bygone era.


When we return from Melaleuca on our late afternoon flight to Hobart, we will return to our hotel in Hobart.


Note: Pricing will vary by tour participation. The roundtrip air ticket is 600 AUD, plus you will need lodging in Hobart.

More Details:

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