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Sri Lanka: Key Bird Guide


Dulan Ranga Vidanapathirana

Dulan Ranga Vidanapathirana

Dulan has been a bird guide in Sri Lanka for over a decade, and he has worked as a researcher in the natural history field for nearly twenty years.
He made the natural progression into guiding over a decade ago, after serving as a researcher in the earlier part of his career. His field research has concentrated primarily on birds, but also reptiles and amphibians.

Dulan has served as the vice president of the Herpetological Foundation of Sri Lanka (HFS), has been principal or co-investigator of numerous research projects, and has co-authored a number of scientific papers published in reputed journals. Among these, he played a pivotal role in the study of the famed feeding flocks in the wet zone rainforests of Sinharaja. Dulan has also been instrumental in the discovery of several snakes and frogs new to science.
He is a friendly and enthusiastic travel companion. His knowledge and field skills make him an exceptional tour leader and contribute to a high success rate of finding Sri Lanka’s island endemics, both birds and mammals.

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