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Birding Northern Peru: Endemics and Spectacular Hummingbirds

A few highlights of our Northwest Peru trip include seeing 430 to 480 bird species in two weeks. Besides great hummingbirds and tanagers, the trip will also be filled with a number of fantastic Inca-Finches. 


A number of Peruvian endemics and birds endemic to Ecuador and Peru can be seen, including Marvelous Spatuletail. The trip should pick up at least 20 to 25 endemics.

More Details About this Trip:

The trip will cover a number of habitats and altitudinal zones from lowland rainforests and wetlands, to dry and deciduous forests, montane forests, cloud forests, and paramo. This mix of habitat and altitude and a well-planned itinerary will assure seeing a number of species at an enjoyable and productive pace of birding.

The trip includes the Marañon Biodiversity Region, recognized as one of the key preservation sites for birds and wildlife in the world. Marañon is the headwaters of the Amazon river.

Pricing: $4,790 US Dollars, or £3,770 GBP for 14 Days and 13 Nights  

Extensions available.


Group Size: 7 or 8 participants 


Upcoming Dates: 

February 13 to 26, 2025

March 12 to 25, 2025

*See Schedule for more dates


Zoom Video Conference on Peru Birding with PIB Guide:

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