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Birding Mexico in Oaxaca

Trip Description

Brief Itinerary

Our eleven-day tour covers the highlights of birding in Oaxaca. We will visit a great diversity of habitats ranging from montane forests to dry oak scrub forest and coastal areas.


The tour starts in the beautiful Oaxaca city where we will relish our first taste of Mexican birds and also have the opportunity to dip ourselves into Mexico’s rich history, colorful culture and exquisite cuisine and for the adventurous maybe even indulge in a sip of the region’s famous Mescal, Tequila’s grown up cousin. The areas surrounding Oaxaca City provide extraordinary birding, we will visit the spectacular Monte Albán Archaeological Site and visit various sites off the beaten path in search for specialties like Oaxaca Sparrow.


We then move to the high mountains surrounding Oaxaca city; these mountains are great for stunning birds like Red Warbler and Dwarf Jay. After a few days in Oaxaca Valley we continue our travels to San José del Pacífico, a beautiful town at the top of the mountains where we will look for White-throated Jay and Bumblebee Hummingbird. Once we drink in our fill of montane species, we will begin moving to lower elevations towards the coast in search of new bird species to add to our list like the stunning, Orange-breasted Bunting and Rose-bellied Bunting. We will finish our tour in Huatulco.

Day 1: Arrival into Oaxaca

Day 2: Birding Monte Albán Archaeological Site, and Afternoon Birding Nearby Sites for Oaxaca Sparrow and Other Specialties

Day 3: Full Day Birding in Teotitlan Area in Various Habitats

Day 4: Full Day Birding Sierra Norte Mountains

Day 5: Morning Birding Transfer to San José del Pacífico and Afternoon Birding in the Sierra Madre Mountains

Day 6: Full Day Birding in the Highlands of San José del Pacífico

Day 7: AM Birding Pluma Hidalgo; Mid-Day Transfer to the Coast; and then Forest Birding near Santa Cruz Huatulco

Day 8: Full Day Birding Huatulco National Park

Day 9: AM Birding Nearby Areas in Huatulco National Park; Mid-Day Transfer to Juchitán de Zaragoza with Late Afternoon Birding in La Ventosa Area

Day 10: More Birding in La Ventosa Area and Late Afternoon Transfer to La Crucecita

Day 11: Departure from Huatulco Airport


More details about this Trip:

Detailed Itinerary

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