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Northern Chile Pre-Extension: Birding the High Andes, Lowland Valleys and Coastal Pelagic

This tour reaches the highest altitudes in our Chile birding offerings in northern Chile. This trip is an exciting birding journey designed to discover the endemics and specialties of the northern part of Chile. Besides enjoying birds and other wildlife, we will explore and enjoy Chile's marvelous landscapes, excellent infrastructure, and great cuisine.

More Details About this Trip:

These truly diverse ecosystems are home to many interesting bird species such as Chilean Woodstar (very range-restricted endemic), Andean Swift, Diademed Sandpiper-Plover, Slender-billed Finch, James's Flamingo, and many more. You will spend several days birding each of these areas to find some of the rarest and/or range-restricted specialties. More details on top bird species are indicated below, and more details are in our detailed itinerary.

Pricing: $2,390 US Dollars  or £1,910 GBP for 6 Days and 5 Nights. 

Group Size: Most tours viable at 6 to 8 participants.


Upcoming Dates: 

October 19 to 24, 2024

January 4 to 10 , 2025

*See Schedule for more dates


Our knowledgeable local guides will lead you on the optimal route to see the largest number of species possible. You will visit a number of different parks and reserves to view a nice variety of habitats, wildlife, and amazing scenery.

Top Reasons to Book Tour


Chilean Woodstar, Peruvian Thick-knee, Chilean Flamingo, Andean Flamingo, James’s Flamingo, Andean Swift, Lesser Rhea, Puna Tinamou, Puna Plover, Andean Lapwing, Andean Avocet, Puna Teal, Andean Hillstar, Creamy-breasted Canastero, Canyon Canastero, Hooded Siskin, Band-tailed Seedeater, Black-hooded Sierra-Finch, Mourning Sierra-Finch, Ash-breasted Sierra-Finch, Puna Ibis, Andean Goose, Rufous-bellied Seedsnipe, Gray-breasted Seedsnipe, Diademed Sandpiper-Plover, Peruvian Sheartail, Oasis Hummingbird, Tamarugo Conebill, Peruvian Diving-Petrel, Elliot’s Storm-Petrel, Markham’s Storm-Petrel


Marine Otter, Vicuña, Southern Mountain Viscacha, Dusky Dolphin, South American Sea Lion

Wetlands, semi-arid bushy slopes, Andean plateau, high-altitude bogs, lakes   

Habitats and

Special Sites

Other Attractions

Pelagic trip, Lauca National Park

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