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Canada: Newfoundland Birding: Coastal Seabird Colonies, Boreal Forests and Magnificent Vistas 

Trip Description

Brief Itinerary

July in Newfoundland is a great time to see thousands of nesting seabirds, plus songbirds actively singing on their breeding territories, lots of beautiful roadside wildflowers, Humpback Whales swimming alongside us during our boat tour, and often remnants of icebergs floating south…all while enjoying cool summer temperatures.


Most of the trip occurs on the Avalon Peninsula, the easternmost land in North America. We drive along the so-called Irish Coast, enjoying great birding and wonderful scenery from St. John’s to Witless Bay to St. Vincent’s Beach and then the Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve before heading inland a bit to Terra Nova National Park.


While we see only 85 to 90 species of birds, we see thousands of them! One of the highlight species for everyone is the Atlantic Puffin. We’ll see them from shore a few times, but it is amazing from our two-hour boat trip to see these birds swarming overhead, on the water, and even under the boat – along with Common Murres, Black-legged Kittiwakes and several other species. At Cape St. Mary’s, you’ll walk up on 20,000 plus Northern Gannets nesting on the rocks. Combine the great birds with Moose, Caribou, Red Fox, Snowshoe Hare and some great food and you can’t help but have a fantastic experience on this great island of Newfoundland!


Day 1: Arrival in St. John’s, NL.


Day 2: Morning birding at Cape Spear. Afternoon at Witless Bay area, including seabird/whale boat trip.


Day 3: Birding the La Manche Trail in the morning. Afternoon drive to Trepassey.


Day 4: Birding the roads to Cape Race and St. Shotts.


Day 5: Birding St. Vincent’s Beach and Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve.


Day 6: All day birding Terra Nova National Park.


Day 7:  Return to St. John's for flights home.





More details about this Trip:

Detailed Itinerary

Find below our Newfoundland Detailed Itinerary or download it.

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