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Myanmar: Key Bird Guides


Lay Win

Lay Win

Lay Win has been a professional tour guide in Myanmar since 2002. He became a permanent tour guide for SST Tourism after working as a freelance guide. Lay Win has led birding tours to Natmataung National Park (Mt. Victoria), the Bagan region, the Kalaw region, around Inlay Lake and at Yangon.

Aside from acting as a tour guide, the Biodiversity and Nature Conservation Association (BANCA) requested Lay Win as an ornithologist for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). Lay Win is involved in several bird status surveys within the country, as well as population status and distribution studies of the Spoon-billed Sandpiper, Calidris pygmeus, population and the distribution of Gurney’s Pitta, Pitta gurneyi, in the Tanintharyi (Tenasserim) Region.

Lay Win is a current member of the Myanmar Bird and Nature Society (MBNS), Biodiversity And Nature Conservation Association (BANCA) and the Oriental Bird Club (OBC). Lay Win has a Bachelor of Arts degree in ecology from East of Yangon University, Yangon.

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