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Jamaica Endemic  Birding and More

Trip Description

Brief Itinerary

Jamaica is a beautiful tropical island known as the land of wood and water, because of the splendid forests and number of rivers (more than 120). The island has beautiful mountain scenery and beaches next to the lovely blue Caribbean Sea. Limestone formations cover over two-thirds of the island, and the highest point is 7,400-foot Middle Peak in the ‘Grand Ridge’ of the Blue Mountains. The forests of the central mountains harbor rushing rivers branching into many small tributaries and waterfalls.

Jamaica is one of the islands with the highest bird endemism in the West Indies, with a total of thirty species plus several Antilles regional endemics with wider distribution. Numerous wintering migrants make Jamaica a truly interesting destination for birders. In just six days, we will have an excellent chance at encountering all of Jamaica’s endemics, including the beautiful Streamertail Hummingbirds.

Day 1: Arrival into Montego Bay

Day 2: Morning Birding at Rockland’s Bird Sanctuary; Mid-Day Transfer to Porto Antonio and Birding nearby in the Late Afternoon

Day 3: AM Birding in Ecclesdown Road and Near Blue Mountains National Park (coast and forest) for the rest of the Day

Day 4: Full Day Birding Hardwar Gap Cloudforest, Blue Mountains National Park

Day 5: Early Start for Final Birding Blue Mountains (as needed), then AM Birding Hellshire Hills; Afternoon Birding Start in Marshall’s Pen Area

Day 6: AM Birding at Marshall’s Pen; Afternoon Transfer to Montego Bay

Day 7: Departure from Montego Bay


More details about this Trip:

Detailed Itinerary

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