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India Birding: Goa for Western Ghats Endemics and Paleartic Migrants

Premier Local Guides
• Great Lodging
• Small groups to 8
• Pricing from $ 2,390

The perfect introduction to birding in India with an exceptional diversity of birds and butterflies in a variety of habitsts.  An enjoyable and popular winter birding destination. 


Goa has a birdlist of over 450 species, including 16 of the 28 species considered endemic or near-endemic to the Western Ghats.  A small area, combined with a well-developed infrastructure, makes it possible for the most productive of Goa's birding localities to be thoroughly covered within a short timeframe without the need of lengthy travel, and given a couple of weeks it is possible to reach a species list of 250-310 comprising regional endemics, more widespread Indian species, and overwintering migrants.  

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