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Custom Tours:

Most of our customers have discovered that we also enjoy putting together custom tours (or tailor-made tours). Developing a custom tours is a great opportunity for our staff to show our expertise in developing a tour to meet your birding and natural history holiday needs. They key to developing a tour meeting the needs of a small group of two to four persons is communication, as we need to learn what you value and desire most in a travel experience. 


  • Our goal is to learn what you value most in a tour in terms of birding, natural history and other travel interests (such as world heritage sites or music or relaxing on the beach). Most of our custom tour clients want a tour which is 80% to 100% bird-watching and natural history with some cultural aspects added as well. We see custom tours as an opportunity to provide you the exact holiday you desire.

  • Next we like to learn what you value in terms of lodging. Most of our tours focus on the best available lodges which support bird-watching plans (typically eco-lodge type lodging). We always look for lodging of good value (high quality at a reasonable price). That being said, we have some customers who want the least expensive lodging (which is rarely the best value), and we have a few customers who want only 5-star lodging (which may not be the best for accessing birding sites). We aim to lodging to meet your needs.

  • From here, we find the best available guides and support (typically a vehicle and driver). We always try the availability of our premier bird guides first. 


Next, we develop a proposal with a trip description and pricing. We often price these tours for couples (2 persons), 3 persons, 4 persons and sometimes more. We are happy to offer options, such as a range of lodging and/or staffing options (guide/driver as the same person; or often better guide and driver as two staff persons).


After you have reviewed our proposal, we are more than happy to improve plans to better meet your needs. Please let us know how we can make the holiday plan better suited to your needs.


In the end, our goal is to develop a custom tour which provides excellent birding and natural history as the focus with all the extras you desire.

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