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Chile Birding and Wildlife: Endemics and Specialties in Central Chile and Northern Patagonia

Our main Chile birding tour is an exciting birding journey designed to discover the endemics and specialties of this long and narrow ''biogeographical island'' (the country of Chile) that is nearly 3,000 miles in length. This tour covers under 1000 miles of driving from Santiago and into the northern part of Patagonia, getting you nearly all Chilean endemic bird species (missing really just one) and 70% of the Patagonia endemic bird species. We also get the newly described Pincoya Storm-Petrel.

More Details About this Trip:

Besides enjoying birds and other wildlife, we will explore and enjoy Chile's marvelous landscapes, excellent infrastructure, and great cuisine. Many interesting birds can be seen on this trip, including a number of Chilean endemics like Chilean Tinamou, Chilean Mockingbird, Seaside Cinclodes, Crag Chilia, Chestnut-throated Huet-huet, Dusky Tapaculo, Slender-billed Parakeet, and endemic and specialty birds of Chile. We also find seabirds of the Humboldt Current such as the Red-legged Cormorant, Grey Gull, and the stunning Inca Tern. More details on top bird species are indicated below, and more details are in our detailed itinerary.

Our knowledgeable local guides will lead you on the optimal route to see the largest number of species possible, with most groups finding several hundred species. You will visit a number of different parks and reserves to view a nice variety of habitats, wildlife, and amazing scenery.

Pricing: $5,990 US Dollars or £4,720 GBP for 13 Days and 12 Night. Extensions are available.


Group Size: Most tours are viable at 7 or 8 participants.


Upcoming Dates: 

October 24 to November 5, 2024

January 9 to 21, 2025

*See Schedule for more dates



Top Reasons to Book Tour


Chilean Tinamou, Chilean Mockingbird, Seaside Cinclodes, Crag Chilia,  Chestnut-throated Huet-huet, Dusky Tapaculo, Slender-billed Parakeet, Andean Condor, Magellanic Woodpecker, Diademed Sandpiper-Plover, Magellanic Plover, Tawny-throated Dotterel, Rufous-chested Dotterel, Two-banded Plover, Moustached Turca, White-throated Tapaculo, Chiloe Wigeon, Ticking Doradito,  Dusky-tailed Canastero, Magellanic Tapaculo, Rufous-tailed Hawk, Pincoya Storm-Petrel


Marine Otter, Pygmy Blue Whale, Dusky Dolphin, Southern Right Whale Dolphin, Orca, Peale’s Dolphin, South American Sea Lion

Marshes, wetlands, broad-leaf forest, Nothofagus forest, temperate rainforest, xeric shrub community named matorral

Habitats and

Special Sites

Other Attractions

Pelagic trips, Farellones Park, Humboldt Current, Conguillío National Park, Patagonian Fjords

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