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Belize: Unspoiled Birding Destination


Trip Description

Brief Itinerary

Belize holds a great diversity of birds and habitats. This eight-day tour will give you the opportunity to experience the key sites for birding in Belize, covering a vast diversity of habitats. We will visit many different habitats such as wetlands, high and low-elevation forests, and savannas. You will have the opportunity to watch birds that are endemic to the Yucatan peninsula such as Ocellated Turkey, Yucatan Nightjar, Yucatan Poorwill, Yellow-lored Parrot, Yucatan Flycatcher, Yucatan Jay, Black Catbird, among many other great birds.


The four-day extension includes a visit to the spectacular Tikal archeological site, built around the 4th century BC. Tikal was the center of the vast Mayan empire. Located inside Tikal National Park in the department (province) of Petén in northern Guatemala, Tikal was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. Covering over 200 square miles, Tikal National Park is a paradise for bird watchers and provides everyone in the group the opportunity to learn more about the Mayan culture and rich history of the Americas.

Day 1: Arrival Day

Day 2: AM Birding in Hotel Grouds and Late Morning Transfer to La Milpa for Birding There

Day 3: Full Day Birding La Milpa Area: Lodge Trails in AM, and PM Archeological Site (and More)

Day 4: AM Birding Transfer to Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary; and PM Birding near Lodge and Nearby Sites

Day 5-6: Full Day Birding Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary

Day 7: AM Birding Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary; Mid-Day Transfer; PM Black Rock Lodge Birding

Day 8: Full Day Birding Black Rock Lodge Trails and Sites

Day 9: Full Day Birding Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve

Day 10/Extension Day 1: 

  • Main Trip participants only fly home.

  • The extension group enjoys its first day in the Tikal area. See below.


Tikal: Mayan Heritage and Birding Extension


Extension Day 1: AM Birding Transfer to Tikal National Park (Guatemala) via Yaxha National Park

Extension Day 2: Full Day Birding at Tikal National Park with Birding and Cultural Guide

Extension Day 3: Full Day Birding at Tikal National Park with Birding and Cultural Guide

Extension Day 4: AM Birding Cerro Cauhí; and PM Birding El Remate Area; Late Evening flight to Guatemala City

Extension Day 5: Flight Home from Guatemala City

More details about this Trip:

Detailed Itinerary

Find below our Belize: Unspoiled Birding Destination Detailed itinerary or download it.

Download Belize Birding 
Detailed Itinerary

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