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Papua New Guinea: Birding in Paradise

Premier Local Guides
• Great Lodging
• Small groups: 7 to 8
• Pricing from 27,000 PGK (8,180 USD or 6640 GBP)

Of all the birding destinations in the world, Papua New Guinea would have to rank among the most fascinating and exotic.  The second largest island in the world, New Guinea was the last inhabited island on earth to be explored by Europeans, and even today many areas have little or no exposure to Western influence.


The virtually untouched forests come alive with incredible fruit doves, fig parrots, fairywrens, jewel-babblers, pitas, honeyeaters and berrypeckers. Over twenty species of dazzling birds-of-paradise present elaborate iridescent colours and wild tail plumes in one of the most astonishing exhibits of

the natural world.

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